June 27th Outing Reminder


As many of you most likely already read: A couple of members contacted us a while back wondering if we could meet up in person, in an outdoor setting, and explore the area with our cameras. Here are the details:

What: A Miksang Group Outing – YEAH! – Our first for 2020

Where: Lovering Lakes (just south of Chamberlain off #2)

When: Saturday, June 27th, 2020; 2 pm till 4 or 5 pm

Who: All members, bring your significant other if they are interested

Why: Just because we are tired of isolation and because we can gather in larger groups outdoors. Physical distancing rules apply, please be respectful. If you are concerned bring your mask and wear it.

A question about food: In pre-Covid19 times we used to bring along food items to share. These days sharing is not recommended but please, feel free to bring along food for yourself so we can gather around on picnic blankets and/or camping chairs. (Bring along a folding chair for your comfort.)

The road approaching Lovering Lakes is gravel. Please be advised to take it slowly as it is washboard… We have found (during our own last two excursions in May and early June) that if you drive half on the grass and half on the gravel the ride is less “bone-rattling”.

For now, the weather looks very promising. We look forward to seeing you in real time!

Anyone not able to join us (due to geographical obstacles or continued self-isolation rules for the safety of elderly family members and those immune-compromised), grab your camera and conduct an open shoot in your area! Vaughn and I will organize a virtual review following our outing. We will send out date and time for the review (most likely an evening) once we receive your images. Submit 8 images from your open shoot session by June 30th, 6 pm, please!

For those who are relatively new to Miksang: An Open Shoot is just that. You will respond to your Flash of Perception which considers all themes covered so far. Have another look at your course handouts, read through the book to refresh your memory and think back about the ZOOM sessions you have participated in thus far.

Happy Shooting,

Anna & Vaughn


We would like to thank everyone who tuned in for the second instalment of Impressionism – Water last week Thursday. 77 great images were submitted clearly showing that the group has had great opportunities to practice and pursue the theme during good weather. We so appreciate your commitment to Nalanda Miksang Moose Jaw and our group. We are going strong despite Covid19 measures.

Anna &  Vaughn

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Have a look…

… pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee and tell us what you think!

After our very successful Online Miksang Workshop at the beginning of the month we decided to compile a small book with images of the participants. They were thrilled to see the book as a memento of their participation. We felt it would make a great advertising tool for future workshops!


We recommend you view the PDF at full magnification. Feel free to download it to your tablet or iPad for the best viewing experience. Tell us what you think in the comment section below or send us an email! Thanks in advance for your input, Anna & Vaughn

April Miksang Meeting Recap

What an amazing experience! We connected and we actually saw each other and heard each other’s voices via a very stable Zoom Conference Connection. Thank you to Brenda (Buffalo Pound Lake – Sun Valley), Marilyn (Swift Current), Kevin (Moose Jaw), Cathy (Avonlea), Colleen (Moose Jaw), Colin (Buffalo Pound Lake – Sand Point), Marianne (Weyburn), Roberta (Moose Jaw), Patricia (Regina), Lynn (Rouleau aka Dog River 😉 ), Bonnie & Wade (Regina) and Shane (Moose Jaw) for connecting this morning. With Vaughn and Anna, there were 15 participants. We haven’t had such a well-attended meeting in a few months. Apologies to those who had trouble connecting. Please contact us for advice if technical difficulties prevented your participation.

Vaughn and Anna’s testing sessions earlier during the week really paid off and our meeting was a great success. We broached the subject of security while using Zoom which quickly laid to rest any security concerns brought up by some members. Several Miksang practitioners in our group have used Zoom for personal, business and workshop connectivity. None have encountered security issues. Concerns were raised earlier this week because Elon Musk is banning Zoom from SpaceX but after careful consideration and discussion, we have decided to continue using Zoom as our new way to meet virtually. As someone mentioned the other day… this sheltering in place ain’t over any time soon.

With that in mind, the unanimous decision was reached to try another Miksang gathering mid-month, just because we really enjoyed our first virtual get-together so much. Mark Thursday, April 16th at 7 pm on your calendar. You will receive an invitation to join the Zoom Meeting on April 15th. Vaughn and I will send you the theme and a brief description in an email. You will then send images to Vaughn by 6 pm on April 16th and we will connect to review those images at 7 pm.

And before we forget: The Miksang workshop in May will be conducted in a similar fashion, via Zoom. The workshop will be comprised of Zoom conference gatherings, written and verbal instructions, regular short discussions, virtual image reviews as well as handouts for the workshop and future reference. Tell your friends and family. Space is limited to ensure individual attention and feedback for each participant.

Alright, enough “talking”: Here is a slideshow of the images gathered on April 4th. Our theme was Our Personal Ordinary World. The challenge: We were to stake out a space of no more than 10 m x 2 m and use that area exclusively to respond to our flashes of perception. Great work, everyone! Thanks for contributing!

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March Meeting Recap

Thank you to all who attended the last Miksang gathering on March 7th. A special shout out to Wade and Bonnie who had just returned from their winter get-away and still had their suitcases in the car. Now that is dedication!!! And it makes Vaughn and myself grateful for everyone’s commitment to our monthly meetings.

Our theme was based on the broad topic of “ordinary world”. We encourage everyone to revisit the theme and read up on its essence. You can find the chapter in Book 2 “The Heart of Photography”. One of the points we stressed this month that in observing the ordinary world, our everyday surroundings we need not worry about tidying the room, removing a stray blade of grass covering a leaf on the ground or worrying about the rule of thirds and / or a specific focal point. We respond to our flash of perception, frame and make the image. Can it be this simple? The answer is “yes” and with continued application of this simple “rule” we can practice Miksang every day in every situation!

Here are a few images from our last group gathering:

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Stay tuned for information about the April meeting. With so much advice on social distancing and reducing personal contacts, limiting and cancelling group gatherings we are monitoring the situation closely and will keep you posted as to how we proceed.

Stay well!

Anna & Vaughn

February 2020 Meeting Recap

This winter has not blessed us with a lot of changes such as fresh snowfall and rapid thaw and freeze events. Each time we prepare for a Saturday gathering we are hopeful that the landscape provides us with fresh inspiration. The February 1st meeting brought together a small group but by the time we were armed with the topic of an Open Shoot and brought back our images it was with sheer delight that we shared our individuality guided by the unique flashes of perception despite the monochromatic landscape.

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Thank you Brenda, Lynn, Terry, Colin, Kevin, Colin and Anna for contributing your images to the slideshow.

We concluded the meeting with a reminder to all to share the date for our next Level 1 & 2 Nalanda Miksang Workshop May 2nd & 3rd, 2020. Please mark your calendars! Share with your friends and family! Questions? Email Anna<annahergert@me.com> and Vaughn <v.s.taylor@sasktel.net> to get more details and to register. Let’s spread the word early to ensure we have a full roster of participants. We require at least 4 participants to offer this workshop. We cap the workshop at 8 participants to ensure optimal learning.

Regina Outing Recap

A huge thank you and shout out to Bonnie and Wade for securing a fabulous space for our gathering. They went all out with providing beverages, snack and main contribution for the potluck lunch. Food and space aside our group of seven could not have chosen a better day for our excursion.

The morning theme had us explore the “Metropolitan Beauty” assignment. Everyone fully embraced the downtown area with reflective windows, curves and right angles. Please read up on the theme on pages 116/117 in “Heart of Photography”.

After the review of images (and there were many amazing photos!) and the wholesome lunch with a great selection of foods, we ventured out armed with the “Miksang and Street Photography” theme. You can find its explanation on pages 152/153 in “Heart of Photography”. Never and easy theme to explore our group really embraced the challenge and brought back images for review that had us discuss them for some time. We had a fabulous day in Regina and the weather could not have cooperated better. It’s our plan to gather in the big city again once snow and ice are gone next spring!

Here is a short slideshow of selected images for all to enjoy:

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April 2019 Meeting Reminder


Time to “dust off” the camera, clear the SD card, set it to jpg and come to the April meeting. Spring is finally here and hopefully, the snow that fell last night will be melted by Saturday morning.

We look forward to seeing you all at Carol’s Catering at the usual time, 9:30 am, Saturday, April 6th, 2019.

Anna & Vaughn.

Workshop Recap

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Thank you to all who attended the May 5th & 6th Nalanda Miksang workshop in Moose Jaw. Vaughn and I enjoyed meeting photographers from Regina, Saskatoon, Swift Current, Weyburn and Moose Jaw. We spent an action filled and informative two days together to explore the teachings of Nalanda Miksang Contemplative Photography.

Welcome to Marilyn, Marianne, Bonnie, Wade and Kit to our Miksang group. Patricia, Colleen and Colin caught up on their Level 2 knowledge, and together we all had a fabulous time exploring Moose Jaw through the camera lens.

Thanks to Vaughn for securing a great classroom venue!

We hope new and “old” Miksang practitioners plan to join us at Carol’s Cafe and Catering at 820 North Service Road in Moose Jaw on Saturday, May 12th from 9:30  am until approximately 12:30 pm for our scheduled May meeting.

An Excellent Review of “Heart of Photography”

Still not sure if you need this book? Here is the link to an excellent review of John McQuade’s and Miriam Hall’s second book “Heart of Photography”.

Hope you enjoy the read!