February Meeting Reminder

image by Anna Hergert

Vaughn and Anna are getting ready for our monthly meeting. Looking forward to seeing the Moose Jaw Nalanda Miksang practicioners this coming Saturday morning at Miksang. Meeting starts at 10 am and goes till shortly after noon.

Come out and explore the downtown area with us. Theme will be introduced when we gather! As always, please set your camera to jpg and bring your favourite lens. Try to have your memory card formatted. It makes the download a little quicker for Vaughn in preparation for the feedback session.

See you on Saturday, February 3rd, 2018 at 10 a.m. at Mistsu on Main Street Norht in Moose Jaw!

Welcome to 2018 – January Meeting Recap

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Happy New Year to the Moose Jaw Nalanda Miksang practitioners! What could be better than getting together on the first Saturday of the month than gathering at Mitsu Cafe, camera in hand ready to explore a new Miksang exercise?

There were twelve of us yesterday. The weather cooperated. The temperature was inching its way up toward the +/- zero mark on the Celsius scale (what a difference from January 2017 where we gathered with the thermometer hovering around the -30 C mark).

Vaughn selected “Wabi: Simple/Ordinary” as the first theme for 2018. The topic is defined on page 99 in “Heart of Photography.” Here is an excerpt: “…Wabi is helpful… It is the frank recognition that the way of the world is transience – nothing lasts and everything falls apart. We can see the wear and tear of time. Nothing is ever 100% put together, and we will never get it together…

We encourage everyone to either download the digital copy or buy a hardcopy of “Heart of Photography – Way of Seeing Volume II” by John McQuade and Miriam Hall for reference as we are immersing ourselves more fully into the Level II Nalanda Miksang teachings throughout 2018.

Here are a few examples of Wabi:

Thank you to Brenda, Colleen, Kevin, Colin, Terry, Rob, Patricia, Jean, Lynn, Shane, Anna and Vaughn for permission to use your images. (Click on each thumbnail to view full size.)