November Meeting Reminder

Oct 21

Fall is moving into winter! It’s time to get together again on Saturday, November 4th at Mitsu. Meeting goes from 9:30 am till about noon.

Bring your camera with fully charged battery and empty card (set to record in jpg), appropriate clothing and enthusiasm. Meeting is for members only! (Membership free once photographer has participated in the introductory Miksang workshop – more info here).

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday, Anna and Vaughn

Quick Update

Oct 23

Quick note from Anna and Vaughn: Due to insufficient registration numbers we have decided to postpone the Level 1 & 2 workshop until Spring 2018.

First Saturday of the month meetings for Miksang practitioners continue as scheduled. Special learning opportunities for our members are in the planning stages and if you know of any groups or camera clubs that may be interested in hosting a Nalanda Miksang workshop, please tell them to contact Anna and Vaughn.


Inspiration from Nature


Just a quick reminder that the special afternoon workshop “Inspiration from Nature” takes place Sunday, October 15th, 2017.

Since the number of participants is capped it is important to let Anna and Vaughn know that you are planning to attend. We currently only have 2 (two) openings! Click here to get the details.

The location is along the Southside of Buffalo Pound Lake (25 minutes north of Moose Jaw). Driving directions will be sent to registered participants shortly.


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Meeting Recap

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Looks like summer has officially come to an end. We had a great turn out at Mitsu on Saturday morning! 11 Miksang practitioners came out to socialize and most importantly, embark on a new assignment.

Thanks to Vaughn for downloading the images for the feedback session! Awesome images, everyone!

Nalanda Miksang Moose Jaw members, don’t forget to upload your images to the Flickr site for additional feedback. If you missed today’s meeting: We practiced the Flash of Perception (FoP) and then ventured out to capture images of the Ordinary World. Here are a few examples:

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October Meeting Reminder


Just a quick reminder: Our monthly meeting takes place on Saturday, October 7th from 9:30 a. m. till noon. We look forward to seeing everyone at Mitsu Cafe on Main Street.

Just a heads up: If you have friends and fellow photo enthusiasts that might be interested in joining the Nalanda Miksang Moose Jaw Group, please let them know that Anna and Vaughn are offering a weekend workshop at the end of October. Details here.

Travel and Workshop Opportunity…

Thought I would share a note that arrived over the weekend. The reason for sharing? I had the privilege last October to attend the below mentioned Miksang workshop where I met John McQuade at Fleming College in Haliburton, ON.
Here is John’s message:
Dear Miksang practitioners,

Personal communication is the best communication.
I will be presenting the Way of Nature contemplative perception and photography program at Haliburton School Oct 23 -27.  This year, along with the contemplative photography,  I will give much more engagement to the haiku practice and Eastern aesthetics.

So, if you know someone who might be interested I would appreciate your recommendation.

Yours in the Contemplative Dharma,


Below is the direct link to the workshop description and registration with the college:

Questions? Wondering if it is worth going to? Email Anna and she will be able to give you some feedback.