Please remember: The September Miksang meeting will NOT take place on September 2nd (first Saturday) – It is scheduled to take place on September 9th at 9:30 a.m. at Mitsu Cafe on Main Street N. See you all there!

Just Couldn’t Wait…


John McQuade’s and Miriam Hall’s book “Heart of Photography – Ways of Seeing, Volume II” has been available in print in the US for some time. I was trying to be patient but has not released the title for shipping, so when the book became available in electronic format I could not hold back.

In true contemplative fashion the book introduces the next “level” of contemplative, or as we know it Nalanda Miksang photography in an easy to understand and follow manner. This time the deeper teachings become more apparent, but the authors are very good at reminding us to take what we want from our Miksang practice.

I am glad I have the eBook version but cannot wait to receive a “real” copy to go back and read, underline and bookmark relevant passages! Here are a couple quotes that stood out for me:

From the chapter The Heart Connection …When you see clearly, you are there with being there; you are in touch, and you are touched. Being in touch is feeling how it feels to be alive. When we are really present, it feels good, electric, and inspiring. This is the heart of contemplative photography…. Even if your photographic practice and your photographic images are more personal than public to you, you can see how your images connect and have the potential to touch the heart of others…

From the chapter The Contemplative WayThis contemplative engagement is not religious,or philosophical. It is working directly with your ordinary, everyday experience, to release you from stress and help you open to everyday appreciation…

I cannot think of a more timely message! I am savouring the book word by word, sentence by sentence and passage by passage. There is so much more to come – but I will let you discover the full content of the book yourself. We will be drawing inspiration from Heart of Photography as our group comes closer together and embarks on assignment challenges in the future. Put the title on your wish list and let’s refer to it in the future.

McQuade, John; Hall, Miriam; Heart of Photography – Further Explorations in Nalanda Miksang Photography, Way of Seeing: Volume II; Drala Pub., Madison, WI.
ISBN 978-1-63393-497-9



Awesome Mid-Summer Meeting

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By looking at the short slide show above you guessed it… Our theme was texture! In the past the light was not always conducive to exploring this bottomless theme. Today was perfect for exploring texture. Whether you stayed in the downtown core and discovered walls, concrete walk ways, rusty garbage disposals and weathered brickwork, or you ventured to Central Park and noticed the many natural textures offered by trees, plantings or ordinary grass. There was an abundance of textures perfectly illuminated by the sunny sky.

Thanks for coming out today and embracing the challenge, Nalanda Miksang Moose Jaw members. Don’t forget to upload your images to our Flickr group for feedback.

For those who missed today’s gathering feel free to join in: upload up to 10 images based on the theme Texture. Remember to fill the frame and look for texture inside your home and the yard, or venture into town for urban texture. Good light is important in most instances to capture high and low spots of the subject matter. Have fun. Can’t wait to see your submission, Anna & Vaughn

What’s up in August?

Aug 1st

Is it just me or do you feel like we have not seen each other in ages? Join us on August 3rd at 7 pm at Mitsu if you have not yet figured out how to upload to our Flickr site, or have had trouble to just connect. Vaughn is our knight in shining armour – he will give us all a hand!

Did you notice? The light is changing to more fall like conditions… and nature is  going through another transition. I continue to explore my neighbourhood every day and find the most minute changes very inspiring.

Just a heads up: Due to the long weekend we are not meeting on the first Saturday but on August 12th instead. We will see you at Mitsu at 9:30 am till noon for another Miksang session, excursion and review!

A Teaching Moment:

Miksang means “Good Eye” and we are essentially training ourselves to synchronize with the phenomenal world. the more we synchronize the more we experience a FoP (Flash of Perception).

Why Use a Camera?

If we have vision and we know about perception and get better at observing from day to day, why would one need a camera at all? The end result of practicing looking and seeing is ultimately that we will become more aware and notice the phenomenal world fully. By focusing through a view finder and framing what we see we eliminate distractions and connect completely with the subject matter. The images created are more than ‘pictures’. Your new images are photographs of perceptions that you have experienced. They are images of the phenomenal world.

A few “rules”:
For Level 1 feel free to set the camera to Auto or Programme mode. Using a smart phone also works very well for most assignments. Don’t waste time with settings!

*** Please do not use flash as it completely changes the perception and is not natural light.

***Before you raise the camera know how you are going to photograph the image (either vertical or horizontal).

*** It is ok and actually encouraged to move in closer to frame the image.

*** It’s OK to use a zoom lens.

*** It’s not OK to use a wide angle lens (your eyes don’t see that way!)

*** No filters and no post processing. If you use Instagram and Flickr upload the images as they were originally made.

*** No borders, no colour enhancing, please.

Sorry for so many rules. It is a dharma practice which means we are presenting what is real. The truth is what we see.

Thanks for stopping by, Anna